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Architect João Contente was born in 1985, in Setúbal, Portugal. He entered the Lusiada University in Lisbon, on 2006, where he studied architecture and acquired the Master Architect degree.


His time collaborating on diverse projects in fields related with architecture,engineering rehabilitation and renovations with architecture and construction offices, gave him the experience on building regulations. This combination make him very aware of project design in all stages of a project, from residential, commercial and retailer.


Aware of the existing  paradigm about rehabilitation and renovation, as well as the growing demmand and interest in this area, he attended conferences and workshops in order to acquire an added value to his skill set.

Arch. João Contente

Personally, I am a dedicated architect who seeks self-improvement, with each new project entrusted to me, I see it as a unique opportunity to elevate myself professionally.

I believe that only with this commitment can we really give the best of us, the best architectural proposal to the client, creating something that values their investment and responds to their needs.

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